Mutant Standard April 2020

The new production pipeline is in full swing and so is shorter, more frequent releases. This update gives smileys an overhaul, gives more performance updates, fixes various emoji and adds a few new ones.

Mutant Standard Februrary 2020

After an incredible amount of work in the production pipeline, I’m finally ready to start making small and frequent releases instead of the huge releases of the past. This release is partly a proof of concept for the new pipeline, but it does have various improvements too!

Mutant Standard 0.4.1

This update brings new emoji, emoji improvements, bug fixes and updates on the experimental fonts introduced last version. New emoji Hoof hands, neurodiversity symbol, road vehicles, places and many more! Show your allegiance to Big Soy with the new tofu emoji! Updated emoji As part of ongoing efforts to upgrade the aesthetics of old emoji, […]

Mutant Standard S3

It’s still pride month, so here are some pride emoji! All of Mutant Standard’s pride flags (with a few exceptions for the rainbow flag since it’s kinda complicated) have been reinterpreted into a few different other Mutant Standard symbols, as well as a new one – meeple, a staple tabletop gaming piece! Some of these […]

Mutant Standard 0.3.0

0.3.0 represents a significant step forward in getting your gay, furry and weird emoji anywhere. It also includes a much bigger (and more permanent) range of colour modifiers and many design improvements designed to improve the readability of many existing emoji.