Mutant Standard Februrary 2020

A few big emoji (hoof hand thumbs up, wave, nail polish, orange, rice bowl and cherry) scattered over a light purple/blue background. Under the emoji is the Mutant Standard logo with 'February 2020' next to it, and '' underneath that.

After an incredible amount of work in the production pipeline, I’m finally ready to start making small and frequent releases instead of the huge releases of the past.

This release is partly a proof of concept for the new pipeline, but it does have various improvements too!

To recognise the new release schedule, version numbers are now different. This is ‘Mutant Standard February 2020’ (or ‘2020.02’ for anyone doing techy stuff, or ‘2020.020’ for fonts because font formats are not great lol).

This method of releases is completely new for me, so we’ll see how it goes in terms of schedule, but I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly before and this release came out pretty well.


  • New hoof hands – wave, thumbs_up, thumbs_down.
  • New 3D male/female gender symbols.
  • Improved design for rice.
  • Improved lighting for eggplant, red apple, green apple orange, pear, cherry and lemon.
  • Misaligned geometry fixed on lollipop.
  • Fixed some visual issues on steam_train.
  • Fixed some visual issues on point up/down/left/right hoof.
  • Fixed a big issue where colours were wrong on nail_polish_hoof.
  • General improvements for all ‘shared’ colour modifiers.

Changed shortcodes

  • ‘nail_varnish’ -> ‘nail_polish’

Mastodon admin note

The extension for Mastodon packages is now .tgz instead of .tar.gz. This is to streamline package uploading from my end (as my archival tool uses the former).