Tech update 2023.06

I’m sorry this stuff took way longer than expected. Figuring out how to configure my workspace took a while (mostly figuring out how you can push to a GitHub organisation repo from your desktop, lol…). It’s still not 100% but it’s enough to finally fix these last longstanding issues!

Future priorities

(Alternative title: ‘I accidentally created alternative social media infrastructure and now I need to work out the consequences’) I released Mutant Standard in 2017 (it’s been 5 years, wow). Since then, I saw my job with the project as creating these uniquely useful emoji, trying to give people tools to use them to the best… Continue reading Future priorities

Mutant Standard 2022.12

Hey, its been 2 and a half years, but I think I’m back to working on this finally. Here’s a small update with some simple but important improvements. Emoji set changes I’ve decided to no longer provide font packages for Mutant Standard releases. I will soon talk in more detail about it but in short… Continue reading Mutant Standard 2022.12

Mutant Standard April 2020

The new production pipeline is in full swing and so is shorter, more frequent releases. This update gives smileys an overhaul, gives more performance updates, fixes various emoji and adds a few new ones.

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Mutant Standard Februrary 2020

After an incredible amount of work in the production pipeline, I’m finally ready to start making small and frequent releases instead of the huge releases of the past. This release is partly a proof of concept for the new pipeline, but it does have various improvements too!

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Mutant Standard 0.4.1

This update brings new emoji, emoji improvements, bug fixes and updates on the experimental fonts introduced last version. New emoji Hoof hands, neurodiversity symbol, road vehicles, places and many more! Show your allegiance to Big Soy with the new tofu emoji! Updated emoji As part of ongoing efforts to upgrade the aesthetics of old emoji,… Continue reading Mutant Standard 0.4.1

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Updating Orxporter

I’m currently diverting development attention away from forc (our WIP font creation tool) and onto what has become one of the roadblocks to making outputting standard Mutant Standard releases easy, which is our lovely workhorse exporting program called orxporter. Like a lot of things in Mutant Standard, reaching for new technical heights or features (crushed… Continue reading Updating Orxporter

Year 2 Goals

Here’s my breakdown of all the measurable things that I said I’d like to do last year, and what’s happened to those since then.

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Mutant Standard is 2!

(Technically Mutant Standard’s birthday was yesterday; I didn’t really plan this stuff ahead, sorry xwx) It’s been a bumpier year partly because the project has exanded so much, but so much more has been made or is in development and I’d like to once again thank everyone who has helped me in continuing this!

Progress Issues

In the past, I’ve talked about various mental health issues that I have that have made Mutant Standard generally difficult, but I haven’t really talked about issues I’ve had about the project itself. Even though I did want to work on Mutant Standard less in a planning work/life balance sense, I’ve been working on it… Continue reading Progress Issues