Mutant Standard 2023.12

This update brings a massive redesign to most of the existing smileys, and updates the smilies (mostly) to the latest Unicode 15 spec. Completely redesigned smileys A year in the making, 100 existing smilies have been redesigned from scratch to be more expressive and more readable. I have said a long term goal of mine… Continue reading Mutant Standard 2023.12

Tech update 2023.06

I’m sorry this stuff took way longer than expected. Figuring out how to configure my workspace took a while (mostly figuring out how you can push to a GitHub organisation repo from your desktop, lol…). It’s still not 100% but it’s enough to finally fix these last longstanding issues!

Future priorities

(Alternative title: ‘I accidentally created alternative social media infrastructure and now I need to work out the consequences’) I released Mutant Standard in 2017 (it’s been 5 years, wow). Since then, I saw my job with the project as creating these uniquely useful emoji, trying to give people tools to use them to the best… Continue reading Future priorities

Mutant Standard is 2!

(Technically Mutant Standard’s birthday was yesterday; I didn’t really plan this stuff ahead, sorry xwx) It’s been a bumpier year partly because the project has exanded so much, but so much more has been made or is in development and I’d like to once again thank everyone who has helped me in continuing this!

Progress Issues

In the past, I’ve talked about various mental health issues that I have that have made Mutant Standard generally difficult, but I haven’t really talked about issues I’ve had about the project itself. Even though I did want to work on Mutant Standard less in a planning work/life balance sense, I’ve been working on it… Continue reading Progress Issues

Moving to a new release model

CW: I talk about mental health a little in this post. I need to make changes to how I’m working on Mutant Standard: I wanna move Mutant Standard away from batched releases (0.3.0, 0.3.1, 0.4.0, etc.) to something like a rolling release, where updates are smaller and incremental (possibly just named after dates ie. ‘2019-06-29’).… Continue reading Moving to a new release model

Mutant Standard Roadmap: May-July 2019

Hey, I’m semi-back from my break and other things I need to do in my life, giving you a plan of what I’d like to do with the project over the next few months. Hopefully it will go to plan this time! ^^’

Patreon news

Patreon has started unveiling their plans for what basically every VC-funded commerce/financial support platform does once their investors start demanding more – make a pointless, multi-tier funhouse version of their platform. As far as I can tell, none of these proposed changes should affect any of you and they shouldn’t affect the percentage of money… Continue reading Patreon news

Early 2019 Progress!

0.3.2 was cancelled I did mention on social platforms but not this blog (I make weird assumptions sometimes of when I should and shouldn’t make a blog post about something :S). There was too much R+D required for 0.4.0 so I cancelled 0.3.2 and am instead just moving all of those planned improvements (such as… Continue reading Early 2019 Progress!

Early 2019 Plans

Hey! After some research, I managed to (semi) successfully manually compile a Mutant Standard emoji font. This is really exciting! This was a small test to test my (still incomplete) research though – it only contains two emoji. Like how orxporter recolours and exports thousands of emoji, we need software that can process and put… Continue reading Early 2019 Plans