Mutant Standard 2023.11

A collection of heart emojis with different designs against a pink background with large heart shapes. The emojis include a heart with an arrow, a plain blue heart, a pair of pink hearts, and a heart on fire. Below the emojis, there is a logo of a stylised 'M' with "2023.11" and a web address "".

This update gives a big, soft overhaul to all heart-related symbols and adds new heart symbols to make Mutant’s hearts up to date with Unicode 15.

These are going to pair really well with the upcoming smiley overhaul in 2023.12!


Refreshed emoji designs:

  • All emoji in symbols/hearts
  • love_letter

New emoji:

  • light_blue_heart
  • pink_heart
  • brown_heart
  • white_heart
  • gray_heart
  • bandaged_heart
  • heart_on_fire
  • heart_decoration

Renamed shortcodes:

  • heart_exclamation_mark -> heart_exclamation
  • heart_ribbon -> ribbon_heart
  • two_hearts_orbit -> revolving_hearts

Manifest changes

  • Attribution is now to ‘Caius Nocturne’ instead of ‘Dzuk’ (I changed names!).
  • Personal attribution URL is now ‘’ instead of ‘’.