Mutant Standard 0.4.0

An array of new emoji in Mutant Standard 0.3.1 in a scattered pattern over a green background with a subtle horizontal stripe pattern. In the middle is a little cyan and white badge with the Mutant Standard logo and '0.3.1' below it. At the bottom is '', also in a light blue.

This has been such a long release in the making, and it’s finally here!

Fonts (Beta)!

This is has been one of the most requested features since the beginning of the project and it’s finally a thing!

Because fonts are so complicated (the biggest reason why this release took so long), fonts are not totally complete yet, and so this will be the start of a longer project. For the techier people out there, I need your help to help me make sure these fonts are as compatible as smooth as possible on as many devices as possible!

Current formats available:

  • SVGinOT for Windows 10, Linux and Firefox
  • sbixOT for macOS 10.7+ and iOS 7+

Google/Android (CBDT/CBLC) format will be available in the future.

You can find these fonts from the all-new All Downloads page.

Improved look

A grid of various new and revised emoji in 0.4.0 large and close (including bisexual triangles symbol, floppy disk, rose, thinking, boar, lollipop and more), showing off the visual details of these icons.
An image entitled 'improved emoji designs'. Contains grids of the same example emoji, one from 0.3.1 and one from 0.4.0. The 0.4.0 emoji have brighter colours, more depth and visual details.

0.4.0 brings a fresh new look to many emoji.

Hundreds of Mutant Standard’s existing emoji have been lightly edited – rounder and softer shapes, more depth and brighter colours.

Text descriptions

Mutant Standard now offers English text descriptions for all of it’s emoji for the visually impaired. Developers can tap into these to serve people who use screen readers. Text descriptions will be offered for all emoji for every future release from now on.

You can find the data (‘JSON Metadata’) on the new All Downloads page.

Smaller files

A graph showing the size reduction of files in Mutant Standard 0.4.0 based on average emoji size. For 32px rasters, WebP is 24% the size of last version's PNG. For 128px raster, WebP and PNG are 37% and 76% respectively the size of last versions 128px. For 512px raster, PNG is 75% the size of last version's PNG. For SVG, this version's SVG is 65% the size of last version's.

Thanks to some new bits of technology in my emoji process, SVGs are now ~35% smaller, and PNGs are ~25% smaller than the previous Mutant Standard release.

Mutant Standard is now also available in Lossless WebP format for 32px and 128px sizes, offering greatly reduced file sizes compared to PNG.

New emoji

A grid of the new Mutant Standard emoji on a bright green background. Includes text symbols, sports balls, animals, weather, transport and tools.

Mutant Standard 0.4.0 brings more than 80 new emoji!

Translations Support

Thanks to the recent open sourcing of Mutant Standard’s build files, all of the tools for people to be able to translate Mutant Standard into other languages already exist, but the build repo now has documentation with instructions on how you would go about this.

New open source tech

Between the new font compiler and the much-improved orxporter, Mutant Standard now provides a more complete open source solution to creating and publishing your own emoji sets.

forc (beta)

Mutant Standard’s fonts required custom software and like orxporter, it’s open source! It’s in beta, incomplete and not guaranteed to make completely working or compatible fonts yet.

orxporter improvements

orxporter is much more efficient and has more features than before!

  • New SVG renderer, optimised PNG metadata – in-house tests show 16x faster exporting speed. Exporting Mutant Standard’s 7000+ emoji repertoire now takes 14 minutes instead of more than 3 hours.
  • Choice of SVG renderers – svgrender, inkscape and imagemagick.
  • New raster format choices – FLIF and Lossless WebP. These are much more efficient than PNGs, but are more experimental and have limited support.

Other Notes

guard and qr_code emoji have been removed.

The following shortcodes have been changed:

coffee -> hot_drink
exclamation_mark_red -> red_exclamation_mark
exclamation_mark_gray -> gray_exclamation_mark
question_mark_red -> red_question_mark
question_mark_gray -> gray_question_mark
heart_growing -> growing_heart
black_large_square -> large_black_square
white_large_square -> large_white_square
black_medium_square -> medium_black_square
white_medium_square -> medium_white_square
white_medium_small_square -> medium_small_white_square
black_medium_small_square -> medium_small_black_square
white_small_square -> small_white_square
black_small_square -> small_black_square
red_umbrella -> umbrella
male_and_female_symbol -> female_and_male_symbol
film_projector -> projector