Mutant Standard: The Next Year

4 emoji in a 2x2 grid, with light blue wireframe versions of themselves to the right positioned against a darker, muted blue background

Here’s an overview of the current accomplishments of the project, and where I’d like this project to go for the next year and beyond.

Year One

  • Made a lot of emoji, both Unicode Standard and not Unicode Standard.
  • Nearly reached half of all planned Unicode Standard emoji (~46%).
  • Made a sizeable website to promote the project with easy download and usage instructions for a variety of situations and apps.
  • Made shortcode and codepoint download packages available.
  • Started prototypes for new colour modifiers, as well as morphology modifiers.
  • Made an interactive, automatically-updating demo page so people can see the entire range of emoji and play with the new modifiers for themselves.
  • Made prototypes for non-Unicode animal and nonhuman emoji.
  • Made merch available for people to enjoy.


Year Two (and possibly beyond)

  • See if we can create emoji fonts and a crude web page-based emoji picker so early adopters can start using Mutant Standard emoji anywhere.
  • Get close to 100% planned Unicode Standard completion. (Unicode releases new emoji each year, so the goalposts are always shifting but I bet I could get pretty close…)
  • Make lots more gay stuff (even more flags and symbols!) and furry stuff (like hoof hands and a concrete set of colour modifiers).
  • Kickstart better merch that’s sold and produced locally (like the concepts for the small sticker sheets I’ve been sharing around!) rather than using external providers.
  • Try to promote the project more so it can grow.
  • Start slowly building up a Private Use Area codepoint standard, clearly written and published on the Mutant Standard site, that anyone else can use if they wish.
  • Open source Orxporter so other people can use it.
  • Provide text descriptions for emoji (where possible).


The more donation pledges this project gets, the more of my time I can set aside to develop new emoji, and the more time kiilas can work on things like Orxporter (and the research and development of things like fonts!), so please spread the word and consider donating if you can <3