Sticker Sheet Prototypes – Photos and Thoughts

The gray prototype sticker sheet on a black glass desk amid a variety of objects scattered around to the left and right sides of the frame - Dreamcast VMU, Pokémon Mini, Pokémon Mini games, a shell and a manga book.

The prototypes for the sticker sheets came the other day, and I’m very happy with them!


The prototype sticker sheet being held in a hand, with a slightly warm lamp shjining on it from the top left, and a monitor stand, backlit keyboard and transparent speakers in the distance behind it.A hand slightly pulling off the Awoo sticker from the sheet.A hand holding up the pride 100 sticker by a finger that it's stuck to.






The back of a transparent blue Nintendo 2DS face down on a desk. It has a party face sticker on the top right and an awoo sticker on the bottom left. It is surrounded by different objects - white headphone cable, Nintendo GameCube black memory card and mechanical pencil and eraser refills. A silver PSP face down on a black glass desk. In the center of the back of a console is a thinking emoji sticker. Surrounding it are different scattered objects - a transparent yellow PlayStation 2 controller, UMDs, a PS2 memory card, black nail varnish, a Memory Stick Duo to Memory Stick adaptor, and various kinds of pens and pencils. A black desk with some colourful markers, transparent teal RPG dice and a small, rounded amethyst stone towards the left. On the right peeking out from the side is a transparent lavender Game Boy Advance facing down with a headpats sticker on the left of the rear of it.

A pride 100 and a paw thumbs up sticker stuck on the lower part of the disc tray cover on a black Nintendo GameCube.





A detailed shot of an Awoo sticker on the bottom right of the back of a transparent blue Nintendo 2DS. With a semi-warm lamp shining on it from the left hand side.

An image showing a small stack of the prototype sticker sheets, fanning out from the top left in a close up view. A semi-warm lamp is shining on it from the top left corner.



The quality feels really good and I really like the smooth matte finish. The printing and cutting is pretty consistent and looks good. The colours look great. (Remember – these are vinyl stickers, as opposed to laminated paper, which means they are sturdier and more hard-wearing.)

As expected/planned, they are a very good size for most portable devices, including the kinds of things I wanted to aim these for – phones and portable games consoles. (I only have mostly old ones to test on, but you get the idea, and these have been sized to fit very comfortably on a Nintendo Switch.)

I will definitely be going with this supplier for future sticker sheet stuff, so that whole side of it is now decided, and it’s onto thinking about how I can produce different sheet designs and make them available to purchase. I think the most viable way would be to do a small crowdfund. Stay tuned as I figure out how to go forward with these in the near future! ^w^