Mutant Standard 0.2.1 Sketches

Here comes the last of the sketches of the most recent releases~*~

MutStd sketch 2017.09.07 – hearts

Development sketches for sparkling heart, growing heart, beating heart, heart with arrow and heart with bow.

Early heart experiments.

MutStd sketch 2017.09.07 – other unicode hearts

Development sketches for broken heart, heart exclatmation mark, two hearts, two hearts in orbit, beating heart (again), growing heart (again), heart with arrow (again), and heart with bow (again)

MutStd sketch 2017.11.30 – unfinished paw hands

Development sketches of the crossed fingers paw hand emoji. There are numerous iterations.

Another design that has been coasting around in the ‘unfinished’ folder for a long time.


MutStd sketch 2018.05.04 paws

Development sketches for nail varnish, muscle, writing hand, handshake and vulcan paw hand emoji.


MutStd sketches 2018.05.06 Fx nail varnish colours

Colour tests of nail varnish colours for FE1, FX90 and FO1 colour modifiers.

Nail varnish colours for the F_ colours since this was the first version to get nail_varnish paw emoji.

MutStd sketch 2017.10.19 – raccoon

Development sketches of the raccoon emoji, starting from rough freehand sketches to the finished emoji.

MutStd sketch 2018.04.16 Animals

Development sketches of hyena, deer, deer with antlers, mouse, rabbit, otter, slime, panda, red panda, and opossum.

MutStd sketch 2018.05.06 more animals

Development sketches of rat, bear and ram. Panda and mouse are in the sketch as bases to adapt from for the bear and rat respectively.

The mouse and the panda make a reappearance here as they are used as the base for the rat and bear respectively.