Early 2019 Progress!

0.3.2 was cancelled I did mention on social platforms but not this blog (I make weird assumptions sometimes of when I should and shouldn’t make a blog post about something :S). There was too much R+D required for 0.4.0 so I cancelled 0.3.2 and am instead just moving all of those planned improvements (such as… Continue reading Early 2019 Progress!

Early 2019 Plans

Hey! After some research, I managed to (semi) successfully manually compile a Mutant Standard emoji font. This is really exciting! This was a small test to test my (still incomplete) research though – it only contains two emoji. Like how orxporter recolours and exports thousands of emoji, we need software that can process and put… Continue reading Early 2019 Plans

The beginning of fonts

(This is a mirror of the Patreon post of the same name because I realised that relying on Patreon is a bad idea but I didn’t wanna delete that post either) Hey, I’m starting to get into emoji making some more again, it’s still really hard and exhausting after my burnout in November, but I… Continue reading The beginning of fonts

Cooption thoughts

This is a backburner thought, but I’ve contemplated shaping Mutant Standard’s encoding standard over the long term to somehow prevent easy use (and thus cooption) by corporate entities.

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Mutant Standard 0.3.1

Happy halloween!~ This release contains fun new objects, furry emoji and more as well as introducing a bunch of exciting new package types and some unexpected technical improvements.  

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