Mutant Standard 0.2.5

Mutant Standard 0.2.5 promo image. All of the new emoji are scattered in front of a bright pink background. In the middle is a clearing with a white Mutant Standard logo. At the left hand side there's '0.2.5', and on the right, there's ''', both vertical aligned.

It’s Mutant Standard’s 1st birthday today!ย ๐Ÿ™Œย ๐ŸŽŠ

In honour of this, Mutant Standard 0.2.5 is a party-focused update. It also brings even more quality improvements.

Party emoji

Confetti, sparkles, fireworks, explosions, cakes, it’s all in here.

Travel emoji

Most of Unicode’s train emoji are in this release, as well as various emoji relating to travel and places.

Unicode 11 smilies

All of the smilies that were added in Unicode 11 (this year’s Unicode emoji release) have been added.

Various small improvements

Various emoji have been reorganised to make them more predictable and make more sense. Certain emoji designs (mostly food emoji) have been improved.

No more incorrectly sized SVG emoji

Sometimes in releases there were little hitches in the production process that resulted in a few SVG emoji being larger than they should have been (ie 32x33px instead of 32x32px). Orxporter has now been updated with a size checking feature, so emoji with the wrong size can’t make it to the release stage anymore.

Shortcode and Codepoint changes

metro has been renamed to metro_sign (to make room for the metro train emoji in this release, which is called metro.)

Certain animals made in past releases have been given codepoints to correspond to the fact that Unicode 11.0 coincidentally added them too.



You can see all the change details on Mutant Standard 0.2.5’s Trello Board.


Because I intentionally delayed the release of this so it’s out on Mutant Standard’s birthday, work is already underway for 0.2.6, as well as 0.3.0 (which is in a long development cycle).


Mutant Standard 0.2.4


Promo image for Mutant Standard 0.2.4. Many of the redesigned and new emoji in 0.2.4 are scattered around the Mutant Standard logo in front of a bright orange background. Behind them is '0.2.3' in large light orange letters. The URL is on the center bottom in small white text.

This is a huuuge maintenance and improvement update. I’m really proud of it and I’m so happy to share it with you all! ^w^


Lots of improved emoji

Many of the emoji have been altered or redesigned based around what I felt have been the strongest designs over the last 11 months, and also inspired by my recent foray into commission work.

So many emoji designs have been improved, by clearing rendering glitches or making sure there’s better stylistic consistency.ย Many emoji have been changed to feature fewer dark outlines and more subtle lighting effects, so your emoji will look cleaner and brighter.

Redesigned Smilies

All of the smilies have been redesigned to look softer, cuter and more expressive than ever. They now take up the entire canvas area and are much more readable at smaller resolutions.


There are new cat smilies! Unlike the cat smilies in other other emoji sets, Mutant Standard’s are modelled after black cats. They seemed really fitting for the set as they have long been a powerful symbol in western countries representing outcasts, superstition and rebellion from the margins. (They’re also less likely to be adopted from animal shelters than other kinds of cats :C)

Better Shortcodes

Shortcodes have been made to be more consistent within the set and more familiar if you’ve been used to using other sets.


There are also a few new emoji and pride flags!

If you want to get a more in-depth sense of what happened, you can check the change notes in the releases, or if you want even more detail,ย you can look at the trello card for it.

Thanks!ย ๐Ÿ’š

Mutant Standard 0.2.3

Promo image for Mutant Standard 0.2.3. All of the new emoji in 0.2.3 are scattered around the Mutant Standard logo in front of a bright blue background. Behind them is '0.2.3' in large light blue letters. The URL is on the center bottom in small dark blue text.

This update was originally going to be focused on aquatic creatures and lizards until I got tired of doing animals, so it has a wide assortment of things instead.

New emoji

  • Aquatic creatures
  • New RPG weapons
  • New symbols and objects
  • A few new nature symbols
  • Humanoid ears
  • New pride flags


  • Fixed privacy symbol colours
  • Fixed raccoon geometry


  • Improved folder structure
  • No more miscellaneous folder!


Get it here ->ย

Mutant Standard 0.2.2

Promo image of Mutant Standard 0.2.2 - all of the new emoji are arranged in a scattered manner around the logo in front of a tan background.

0.2.2 is a bird-focused update:

  • Lots of new bird emoji!
  • 4 more claw hands (the claw hands are now complete!)
  • Improved western_dragon emoji
  • eastern_dragon emoji
  • Some other small improvements here and there.

Like with all the current updates this season, this won’t be the only update with birds in it, but it’s a big start :).

you can get it here as usual E: ->

Mutant Standard 0.2.1 + S1

Promo image of Mutant Standard 0.2.1 - all of the new emoji are arranged in a scattered manner around the logo in front of a pink background.

Mutant Standard 0.2.1

For the next few months, I’m going to put my attention towards animals, nonhumans and humans, starting with animals.

0.2.1 introduces a bunch of new furry animals and almost completes the paw hand set!!! (30/31 to be exact)

It also introduces the rest of the Unicode hearts. E:

You can get them here:


Promo image of Mutant Standard S1 - all of the emoji are arranged in a ring around the logo in front of a flourescent green background.

Mutant Standard S1

The other day, I made a bunch of novelty thinking emoji and shared them on Mastodon, and thus the idea of making ‘special’ releases was born.

Special releases is a space for occasional memes and dumb bullshit. Like VIP emoji, they are shortcode-only.

You can get them here:

Mutant Standard 0.2.0

Promo image of mutant standard - all of the new emoji are arranged in a scattered manner around the logo in front of a bright blue background.

This particular update has been a long-time coming, it’s a major step forward for Mutant Standard and it’s required a major overhaul to how Mutant Standard emoji are produced and presented.

Most of this you can thank kiilas for, who is an excellent programmer and so much of this project is indebted to.

The exporter that I’ve been using to get emoji out in all the colours, sizes and formats has been replaced with a brand-new and much more powerful exporter called Orxporter. This will eventually be open source so if you know how to use a command line, you can use this tool too!

Codepoint packages

You can now download packages with codepoint-based filenames. This has been a long time coming and I thank you all for the wait!

You can find them at There are going to be some differences between the selection of emoji in the codepoint packages versus the shortcode because of how encoding works. I’ve written a new FAQ answer regarding that.

You can find the current details on how codepoint encoding is at the moment and how it’s planned for the future in a new dedicated page.

Improved Shortcode packages

‘Shortcode’ is what I’m now using to refer to the releases you all are familiar with (human-readable filenames and an easy to understand folder structure).

All emoji now only use underscores and alphanumeric characters, no more annoying square brackets to fiddle around with!

New emoji

  • Battery level emoji
  • Privacy symbol emoji
  • Red umbrella emoji (symbol of sex workers’ rights)
  • Lots of Unicode Standard food and drink emoji
  • A few other things

Many web improvements

Many pages have been simplified or greatly improved.

There’s a brand new demo page! You can now choose what type of hand emoji and colours you would like to see and it will show you!


Many production/internal improvements

A lot of web stuff (like the demo page) generates itself automatically and everything is generally a lot easier to update.

I have a bunch more in-house automation tools to make producing emoji packages way way quicker than it used to be.

All of these things mean I can spend much more time just making emoji.


You can find the notes for 0.2.1 on Trello!

My current thinking is with this release to do even more in-demand unique emoji – so more animals, more fantasy things, more fun objects!

Mutant Standard 0.1.0

As you might imagine, given my current situation, I’ve been kind of scatterbrained.ย I was in the middle of working on some emoji that are quite close to ready a day or so ago, but then I realised that I had lost track of what I already made (which is unusual for me, but this has been a much longer release cycle than usual), so I’ve decided to get everything I’ve already done locked in place with a new release before I continue finishing more emoji.

Aside from personal things, this release is quite a bit smaller than usual because a lot of stuff in this release was quite intensive (like extra hands, new colours and extended colours). I also just had to go with what I had the spoons to create, so the kinds of emoji I’ve made isn’t necessarily what was planned, and it’s going to be that way for quite a while atm.

This is going to be very wordy because I don’t have the spoons to make diagrams explaining the CM system at the moment, so bear with me.

I’d like to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive during this really shitty time in my life. I’ve been hoping that I’d reach the end of this tunnel sooner but as usual, my spoons are in much shorter supply than I would like uโˆ†โˆ†u, but I am on it as much as I can be in my present capacity. ๐Ÿ’š

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