0.3.1 sketches and thoughts

Here’s my sketches for 0.3.1! In general, looking back, I feel like a lot of what I did here was continue the new thinking that was started in 0.3.0, but was constrained with the design system baggage of earlier versions, and I feel that a good few of these just don’t reach their potential as […]

Cooption thoughts

This is a backburner thought, but I’ve contemplated shaping Mutant Standard’s encoding standard over the long term to somehow prevent easy use (and thus cooption) by corporate entities.


Hey, I’m going to break away from normal emoji release schedule for a short while to do a few things that need to be done, both with the project and personally. I also need to think about how I can approach this project in a way that will make the production of certain emoji easier […]

Gender binary toilet signs won’t be in Mutant Standard.

Mutant Standard’s toilet symbols: a gender neutral toilet icon and WC.   The binary gender toilet icons will be joining various other Unicode Standard emoji that will outright not be included in Mutant Standard, such as police officer, border patrol, family ZWJs and others. You can see the full list and reasonings for them here. […]