Orxporter is now open source!

A purple background with a minimalist vector illustration of a purple hand holding up a bright green floppy disk with the Orxporter logo on it. They are surrounded by bright yellow sparkles. At the bottom there's aurl at the bottom for 'github.com/mutantstandard'

Orxporter – the software that’s used to batch recolour and export all of Mutant Standard’s emoji – is now open source!

Keep in mind that it’s being provided as-is – it’s still being developed as if it was an insider tool, the manifest language not been formalised, not all of the bugs have been worked out, but you can take a look at it, and use it for your own projects or adapt if you like (it’s licensed AGPL 3 ^^).

There’s also a repository that contains all of Mutant Standard’s build files (which has the new 0.3.1 version), so you can see how it’s all put together and create your own custom packages. This repository will be updated with each Mutant Standard release.

As always, you can thank kiilas for putting the time into developing and open sourcing this software! 💚


Both of these repositories are available at our new GitHub – https://github.com/mutantstandard.