Mutant Standard 0.2.3

Promo image for Mutant Standard 0.2.3. All of the new emoji in 0.2.3 are scattered around the Mutant Standard logo in front of a bright blue background. Behind them is '0.2.3' in large light blue letters. The URL is on the center bottom in small dark blue text.

This update was originally going to be focused on aquatic creatures and lizards until I got tired of doing animals, so it has a wide assortment of things instead.

New emoji

  • Aquatic creatures
  • New RPG weapons
  • New symbols and objects
  • A few new nature symbols
  • Humanoid ears
  • New pride flags


  • Fixed privacy symbol colours
  • Fixed raccoon geometry


  • Improved folder structure
  • No more miscellaneous folder!


Get it here ->