Mutant Standard 0.2.0 Sketches

Sorry for the delay on these! I got kinda absorbed in just making emoji the last two months. Here’s the sketches for the last four releases (each version will be their own individual post). CW – Most of the emoji here are food and alcohol emoji.  

Mutant Standard 0.2.2

0.2.2 is a bird-focused update: Lots of new bird emoji! 4 more claw hands (the claw hands are now complete!) Improved western_dragon emoji eastern_dragon emoji Some other small improvements here and there. Like with all the current updates this season, this won’t be the only update with birds in it, but it’s a big start […]

Mutant Standard 0.2.1 + S1

Mutant Standard 0.2.1 For the next few months, I’m going to put my attention towards animals, nonhumans and humans, starting with animals. 0.2.1 introduces a bunch of new furry animals and almost completes the paw hand set!!! (30/31 to be exact) It also introduces the rest of the Unicode hearts. E: You can get them […]